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The amazing substance we call 'water'

Water is one of the most fascinating substances on  the planet, and in the universe. It is the only substance that can exist naturally in its  three main phases: gas, liquid and solid, on the surface of earth. It is vital for almost all life, and exists in great quantities in the oceans. Yet we  cannot drink most of the water in the oceans because it is too salty. Instead we and much of our land-based environment are dependent on fresh water, which largely comes as rainfall and then by stream, rivers and lakes.

This site is largely given over to the various properties and uses of water as they affect society, our culture and the environment. Knowledge is gathered from scientific research into hydroinformatics and water phenomena in natural and man-made environments and presented in various ways. There are also plans to include new music and paintings as they are generated in support of water and associated fields.

Finding the Way Through Water

A site for the water-wise